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  • MediBang Pro joins the competitive iPad illustration app scene as a self-proclaimed “creator-first” styled software.
  • Boasting an intuitive user interface, MediBang Pro allows artists to focus on creating and less on memorizing.
  • Developed by the Tokyo-based team behind MediBang Paint, MediBang Pro features the best of Japan’s artistic sensibilities.

TOKYO, JAPAN JANUARY 11, 2024 — MediBang Inc, the innovative creators behind the widely acclaimed software Medibang Paint with 85 million users spanning PC, Android, and iOS platforms, proudly announces the launch of MediBang Pro, a groundbreaking app currently available for iPadOS. This release marks a significant stride in the digital art world, offering a transformative creative experience for artists of all levels. The company hopes to bring MediBang Pro to Android and PC devices in the near future.

MediBang Pro, designed with a “creator-first” philosophy, emerges as a beacon of innovation in the competitive world of illustration apps available for tablets. Developed by the Tokyo-based team behind MediBang Paint, this new app integrates the best of Japanese artistic sensibilities, creating an intuitive and immersive platform for artists to express their creativity.

This launch reinforces MediBang Inc.’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and creating an inspiring environment for artists worldwide.

Draw Out Your Creativity
MediBang Pro has just what both beginner and seasoned artists alike need out of their workspace: a user-friendly interface, intuitive tools, reliable software, and a great team behind it all.

MediBang Pro is here to equip artists with cutting-edge tools and other new features as part of a perpetual license. More than just a run-of-the-mill sketching app, MediBang Pro is an immersive space designed to empower its creators, allowing them to explore their artistic identity and reach their full potential.

“We were aiming for language and concepts that resonate directly with users of our app, categorized into two key concepts: UI Philosophy and Individual Screens,” Lead Designer, Miyazawa So elaborated, “By maximizing the unique features of the iPad system, we can ensure users enjoy an unparalleled sense of immersion. We envision using the app such that upon launch you’ll instantly enter into your own personal gallery, inviting you to a creative world unfolding before your eyes.”

MediBang Pro is here to be the best environment yet for creatives

MediBang Pro embraces the essence of minimalism, providing a clutter-free, intuitive interface that enhances artistic workflow and ensures effortless navigation. This harmonious blend of simplicity and innovation defines MediBang Pro’s creator-first approach tailored for the users. MediBang Pro isn’t just an app on a screen, but a space to create, explore, and express yourself.

Delve into the diverse world of brushes within MediBang Pro, featuring enhanced tools meticulously crafted to elevate the creative journey. From the timeless Watercolor brush adored by millions to exclusive tools designed expressly for the Pro experience, artists can indulge in a wide spectrum of customization options, enriching their artistic endeavors. Let the iPad become your own personal art studio with this app at your fingertips.

Draw silky smooth line art or paint with realistic brushes in this beautifully designed interface.

MediBang Pro is available through a convenient one-time payment (perpetual) license, granting artists unrestricted access to its extensive array of features. As a testament to their commitment to user satisfaction, a 30 day free trial is available on the App Store upon download, allowing artists to explore the application before committing.

Draw Out Your Creativity with MediBang Pro, available now for a one-time payment of $10.99

To embark on your artistic journey with MediBang Pro, visit the official website:

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Founded in 2014, MediBang Inc. aims to connect people through art. With flagship software MediBang Paint reaching over 1 million downloads within a year of its release, the company has continued to grow, offering services including Weekly Shonen Jump’s JUMP PAINT, MediBang TraDe, ARTstreet, and MangaName.

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