CEO Message

With the mission to “empower anyone worldwide to become a creator”, I founded MediBang Inc. in January 2014.

In the years that followed, the e-book market has experienced remarkable growth, surpassing that of traditional paper books. Simultaneously, digital creations have become increasingly prevalent.
Today, the surging momentum of digital content fuels enthusiasm through various services worldwide.

Our MediBang Paint series has evolved into a product with a large fan base, with over 85% of our valued users located outside of Japan.
Additionally, through our localization business, we extend entertainment beyond borders, globally delivering diverse content, including manga, webtoon, games and anime.

I envision a future where creative activities transcend from mere expressions to integral parts of communication—a future where creators and appreciators seamlessly connect, fostering a shared understanding.

We will persist in our creative endeavors, aiming to amplify global creative activities for joy and freedom. Our goal is to create countless opportunities for individuals worldwide to discover fresh content, regardless of their location or language.


Hideyuki Takashima

About Us

About Us

Company Name
MediBang Inc.
January 27, 2014
100 million JPY (as of December 31, 2020)
Hideyuki Takashima
Business Portfolio
Cross-Platform App / Web Service Development
Multilingual Translation
Consulting for Overseas Expansion of Content
Marketing Consulting
Creative Asset Production
49 (33 regular employees, as of December 2023)
JMF Bldg. Shibuya 02 Level 2 31-15 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, JAPAN